Meet The Brand

Meet The Brand: Ocún Climbing

Meet The Brand: Ocún Climbing

From all the way in the Czech Republic, we have our friends at Ocún (pronounced O:ts-oon, as shown in this funny video they made as noone can say their name right); With a goal of innovation, they produce equipment which provides the best climbing experience possible, whilst implementing sustainable practices into their works!

A Brief History of Ocún

Ocún have been around since the 1980s when Pavel Hendrych, the founder, begins his journey.

He made his first harness in 1988 from some decommissioned parachutes just after finishing his time at university. 

1992, in response to the climbing technique called “heel hooking", the first shoe sole with a heel cup is created.

1994, the seamless heel is created which according to Ocún themselves, represents significant progress in the development of one of the key parts of climbing shoes.

2001, the new tunnel design of the movable waist belt (MWS) makes it easier and faster to center waist belts.

2001, uniquely designed crack gloves are introduced and Ocún are the first company to mass produce this specific product.

2009, the introduction of the patented 3 Force System in climbing shoes which helps to direct weight into the toes betters

2012, their line of carabiners is released

2013, Webee technology is introduced which is super comfy and light, you can see this tech in the Webee 3 and Webee Big Wall harnesses

2014, Climbing apparel is released.

2017, CAT rubber is introduced as Ocún's inhouse rubber compared to other types of rubber like Vibram.

2018, they developed a set of ropes with zero sheath slippage, low impact force and a water-repellent surface without the use of PFC.

What are they up to now?

That's enough about the long history, we're always keen to hear about the latest news when it comes to climbing brands, so I'll tell you what Ocún have been up to.

Becoming Environmentally Conscientious

They have set their sights on becoming sustainable and implementing this into every aspect of their product range; this started out by changing their packaging from plastic and has currently affected the way they manufacture some products.

Bio-Based Dyneema

Bio-Based Dyneema® is made of fibers sourced exclusively in accordance with strict standards of circular economy. Raw material used for its manufacturing is by-product from timber and pulp industry. Ocun have decreased their dependance on fosil sources thanks to Bio-based Dyneema®. Although it sounds different, it's technical properties are exactly the same as those of conventional Dyneema® - it is extremely strong and highly resistant to abrasion, chemicals and UV radiation.

This is the first step into a more sustainable climbing industry and Ocun are setting themselves as an example by tackling the problem straight on!

Recycled Apparel

Another shift they have made is incorporating recycled materials into the production of their apparel. Products like the Mania and Pantera have had a name change to Mania Eco and Pantera Organic to represent this.

Continuing Forward

2024 is just around the corner and with that Ocun has some pretty cool things planned ahead that they will be releasing, many of which have sustainability in them! Stay tuned to the next blog post about their new products being released including some new shoes, harness updates, crack gloves and more!

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