New Climbing Shoes for 2024 from Ocun

New Climbing Shoes for 2024 from Ocun

Ocun is continuing to up their game year after year and 2024 is no different. They have some exciting new releases which preach their goal of sustainability including a focus on performance climbing shoes, harnesses, crack gloves and brand new helmet!

Today we'll be looking at their new shoes completely vegan and enviromentally friendly.

A Look At The New Climbing Shoes

Ocun Sigma

sigma climbing shoe

Designed to be an edging machine, the Sigma will sit at the top of the Ocun climbing shoe line, best for hard outdoor sport climbing or longer routes. 

The shoe shape is a competition style meaning it is highly asymmetric and downturned which will allow for the maximum feed while standing on edges.

The sole will consist of 4mm Vibram XS Grip rubber, providing a stiff sole to ensure the best edging possible without compromising on sensitivity too much. 

Another design choice is the offset laces which creates enough space for an extended toe patch made from Ocun's own CAT 1.5ɥ rubber which is atypical for lace-up shoes. This toe patch will end just below the bottom of the laces where there is a nifty pocket to tuck the laces into!

The entire shoe is designed to fit snug around the shoe with a slipper style fit where the usual seamless heel and stitching is implemented. Below is Ocun introducing the shoe at one of their events:

Ocun Iris

A low performance slipper fit with a velcro strap for easy adjustments. This shoe really caters for your bouldering either indoors or outdoors. The shape of the Iris is slightly curved with low asymmetry which allows performance for various climbing styles. Due to this shape, the shoe will be quite comfortable to wear for extended periods but also easy to take on and off.

The shoe will have a 3D toe patch made from Ocun's CAT 1.5 rubber allowing for better toe hooking on those pesky bat hang starts.

Below is a video introducing these new shoes:

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