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Behind The Brand: Crux Gear

Behind The Brand: Crux Gear

Finger strength is one of the most important parts within your climbing arsenal. You could compare it to the roots on a tree, if they are not well spread out and strong then they won't be able to support the tree from toppling over; Likewise, the fingers help climbers to grip different holds with more support and confidence.

After a certain point in your climbing journey, you'll notice your fingers are holding you back and you may have to start training those fingers of yours! Good thing we can help you out!

Introducing... Crux Gear

A Sunshine Coast local business which specialises in grip/finger strength training equipment. They 3D print their products using PLA filament, made from renewable corn starch based materials, which provides a matte stony finish rather than the plastic feeling most are used to from a 3D printer. 

So... who's running the show?

Neil is the main man behind Crux Gear, which is actually just one of a few offshoots of his core product design business, Deep Orange Design! He specialises in making cool ideas that were just a thought in your head, all the way to having the final physical product in your hand.

Best part is he's always open and ready to collab on the next great idea! Who knows, maybe you have already thought of a million dollar idea just waiting to get started on 😉

What sort of products does Crux Gear have?

6! At the moment Crux Gear's lineup involves the Hang Rock, Pinch Rock, Rock Ball, Mono Rock, Mono Pebble and the handy Phone Stone to obviously record yourself

Did you know that it can take anywhere from 1-10 hours of time to print? And that's just 1 part!

There is no AI which can automatically design these products. Every single one is uniquely designed to fix a problem. Neil goes through a process of ideation, experimentation, testing and iteration on many failed versions before reaching the finalised product you see today. 

What made Neil start Crux Gear?

Neil has a son, Jonah, who is an absolute climbing machine! A part of a climber's journey is finding the funds to buy new gear and Neil discovered a market gap to help Jonah and his new hobby.

Originally there weren't any training equipment small enough to fit his hands, so Crux Gear was a way to solve that.

What about the future of Crux Gear?

Other than Happy Biner, Crux Gear is stocked at various gyms and retail stores but they are working on some new innovations behind the scenes that we're excited to see but can't tell! (sorry!)

Neil has come a long way from just starting out as a simple idea, to learning a bit about social media marketing, meeting new people and experimenting on their cool ideas!

We can't wait to see what's in store for the future! 

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