Meet Mitchell and Sophie: The Passionate Climbers Behind Happy Biner

mitch and soph the team behind happy biner

At Happy Biner, we're more than just an online climbing retailer. We are Mitchell and Sophie, two avid climbers with a shared passion for the great outdoors. In this blog post, we want to take a moment to introduce ourselves, share our journey, and explain why we embarked on this exciting venture.

The Climbing Spark

Our love affair with climbing began a few years ago, sparked by some friends who took us indoor bouldering for the first time which was Mitch and I's first "date". It wasn't a fancy dinner or anything, we just bouldered and shared an HSP (Chicken and chips snack pack for those who don't know). This was where it all started - the climbing journey.

The Birth of Happy Biner

About two years into our climbing lives, climbing everyday nonstop, we became motivated to create a climbing business with the end goal of opening our own climbing gym someday in the future, like all rock climbers dream of. We started endlessly brainstorming of cool names like "Rock climber's galore" or "Send" (already taken 🥲) , but alas nothing was sticking; this was until we asked some friends for their opinions which as you can see, we stuck with Happy Biner, based on an inside joke in our friend group. 

Balancing Studies and Business

We are two ambitious individuals (maybe overly ambitious sometimes), and are currently studying at university while running Happy Biner in the background. This delicate juggling act allows us to pursue our education while also nurturing our entrepreneurial spirit. We pour our hearts and souls into this business, hoping that it has the potential to evolve into a full-time endeavor once we graduate.

Connecting Climbers and Supporting Small Businesses

We've long had a small community based in Brisbane and have always wanted to extend it out to others who may just be starting out. As one of our core values is fostering a sense of community within the climbing world - we take pride in introducing climbers to upcoming local businesses across Australia through the products we stock. These businesses are mainly run by some talented individuals who climb just like you, you may already know some products like Bara Vara Creative's climbing hold earrings, Climbing Gems' upcycled chalkbags, Crux Gear's training equipment, etc. By supporting them, we aim to create a network of passionate climbers who can climb together, laugh together, and support one another when climbing.

Looking into the Future

Obviously we're shooting our goals straight up into the moon so that Happy Biner can evolve into something that we can truly devote ourselves fully to. We're always on the aim to expand our product offerings, organising climbing events, and creating a hub where climbers can come together to share stories, tips, and adventures.

Join Our Climbing Community

Since you've read this far, you mustn't be that bored yet! As we continue to pursue our dreams, we want you to be there with us, pursuing your dreams as well. So whether you're an experienced climber or just starting out, we're here to provide the gear, inspiration, and support you need to embark on your climbing adventures.

At Happy Biner, we are more than a business — we are climbers just like you. Together, let's reach new heights, inspire one another, and embrace the boundless joy that comes from exploring the vertical world.


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